Couleur Café

27 - 29 June 2014

Couleur Green

+ Couleur Green!

Couleur Café is above all a festival of respect and durability. And respect for the environment
is a key part of that respect.
Couleur Café goes green and is involved in three main sectors: 
sortingmobility and food.

Sorting at Couleur Café

Did you know that an average festivalgoer produces 1250 grams of waste and an average Belgian too. The festivalgoer at Couleur Café is than the cleanest one with only 800 grams of waste. The sorting rate of 52% (which equals 37 tons) ranks Couleur Café as a model student for big events. 

How much does every types of waste weigh (in Kg)? /
And what is their ecological footprint (in Ha)?

Fractions Kg
Glass 3000
PMD 7300
Paper & Cardboard 1940
Biodegradable 17820
Wood 3060
Residual waste 32724
Oils 1479
Total 67323

How to achieve this score?
  • In the public zone you can find 180 recycling islands with 3 bins: one for organic waste, one for PMD/PMC and one for residual waste.
  • Cups, cutlery and plates are made from organic products such as corn starch and cane sugar. This has one big benefit: they are 100% biodegradable and thus don’t create any waste at all.
  • Cup Recup: in exchange for 40 cups, you receive 1 free drink.
  • 300 environmental volunteers will be on the site for 2 weeks to help you recycle and to clean up the festival site.
  • Outside the public zone, Couleur Café sorts in 8 fractions: glass, PMD, paper/cardboard, biodegradable, wood, iron, residual waste and oils.
  • Last but not least: Thank you for your involvement! Keep up the good work!

Eating at Couleur Café

  • Each restaurant serves two vegetarian meals one meat meal costs our planet 10 times more energy than one vegetarian meal. In 2013, 1/3 of dishes were vegetarian!
  • No Fast-food
  • Our motto: real dishes from across the world for a modest price (max €9)
  • We encourage each restaurant to buy its ingredients directly from one organic producer.
  • Various associations make use of their food/market stand to support social, cultural and educational projects in underdeveloped countries or for underprivileged groups in Belgium.

Going to Couleur Café

  • In 2013, 2/3 of all festivalgoers came by public transport thanks to the arrangements put in place by the STIB (free travel on trams, buses, metro and night shuttles) and the SNCB (50% reduction on return tickets).
  • 3000 cyclists
  • 3000 people on foot
  • 70% of the 22.500 people who came by car, drove together.

Camping Zen: visitors from outside Brussels no longer need to travel back and forth, because they can pitch their tent in the Camping Zen. The environmental rules for the festival are also applied to the campsite (sorting awareness, recycling + dry toilets only on the camping).

Discover the eco-activities of Couleur Café in this video.