Couleur Café

27 - 29 June 2014


Couleur Café has always been about more than just music. Thanks to our Cool Art Café exposition, visual arts make up an important part of the festival. Cool Art Café is Couleur Café’s thematic art exhibition, organized by photographer and curator Herman Bertiau since 1998 . After 16 years, the expo has become a key attraction on our festival grounds, a quiet oasis amid the fuss and festivities, where visitors can recharge mind and thoughts. Our annual survey shows that one third of our festivalgoers (25.000 visitors!) actually go and visit the exhibition…

2014 Theme + artists

The theme Herman Bertiau picked for this year is “La Grande Bouffe”, inviting us to a surprising culinary trip treating the complex relationship between man and his food. The 25 artists approach this broad topic from different perspectives: abundance and waste, scarcity and hunger, junk food, pleasure and disgust. After an outdoors period the last few years, the Cool Art Café expo is moving back indoors this year…

Live Art :

Michel Liégeois and Christina Marchi - Belgium, Colin Grill and Jean-Philippe Naas - France : Hansel and Gretel – a Couleur Café production
Régis Poncin - Belgium : Live painting (Wanted!)

Paintings :

Paul De Gobert - Belgium : Apple portraits
Hassan Musa - Sudan : Ink on textile
Skateboards made in USA 1977 - 2003 : Private collection
Didier Hagege - France : Vegetable - Anthropomorphous
African Pub Paintings : Chez Picasso, entrée libre…
Werner Pans - Belgium : The Happy entrance of the divine mussel (Wanted!)

Installatons :

Bob Verschueren - Belgium : Always More - a Couleur Café production
Corinne Fhima - France : Eve Market - Eve Waiting for the Wolf
Caroline Secq - France : Buffet de la Mer
Astan Zigo - Belgium : La Grande Bouffe - Ingrédients
Jean-François Boclé : Martinique - The Tears of Bananaman
Sara Verhoeven - Belgium : La Grande Bouche (Wanted!)
Dominique Lairin - Belgium : Yummi (Wanted!)
Cool Art Café en SOS Faim : Faim dans le Monde

Sculptures :

Roberto Ollivero - Belgium : Sculptures en polyester polychrome

Photography :

Clarisse Rebotier - France : Instant Sex Food
Laëtitia Bica - Belgium : Anachronisme
Anja Hitzenberger - Austria : Chinese Fast Food
Susana Raab - USA : Consumed - Fast Food in the US
Herman Bertiau - Belgium : Miss Witloof et autres gâteries
Jean-Paul Kensier - Belgium : Desserts (Wanted!)

Video :

Alexandra Ska - Poland : Dom Muz
Cathy Alvarez - Belgium : Dégoustation

Clarisse Rebotier: Instant Sex Food

Jacques Doetsch: Skateboard Collection

Jean-François Boclé  –  The Tears of Bananaman

Brief History Cool Art Café

Although there have been exhibitions at the festival since 1998, it’s only in 2001 the Cool Art Café exposition got an annual central theme, supervised by curator Herman Bertiau.

2001: “Viva la Muerte” -  About death and death rituals
2002: “Cool Vroom Vroom” – About mobility
2003: “Earth” -  About earth as a construction element
2004: “L’Usage du Monde” -  About travelling
2005: “Art’n Beast” – About the animal kingdom
2006: “Vegetal Art” – About the world of plants
2007: “Body & Soul” – About our body’s metamorphosis and identity
2008: “Sex & Love” – About love, sex and sensuality
2009: “Flash Back” -  A retrospective of 20 years Couleur Café
2010: “Rich & Poor” -  About scarcity and abundance
2011: “Do you Believe?” -  About faith and religion
2012: “Nature, je t’aime moi non plus” – About the relationship between man and nature
2013: “Introspectus: A Mazing Brain” – An interactive maze, shaped like a brain
2014 : “La Grande Bouffe”