Couleur Café

27 - 29 June 2014


Wanted! search for Belgian talent

Wanted! has been the festival’s call for Belgian talent since 2006. No less than 64 bands and 27 DJs were invited to play through this platform. A professional jury chooses bands and DJs who reflect the diversity of the festival via, Poppunt’s handy music platform. All the recruited Wanted!-acts receive financial, professional and technical support as the other artists performing at the festival. On top they benefit of extra promotional support in order to raise interest amongst the media, as well as national and international agents & talent scouts. This helped some of them, like Puggy & Selah Sue, to launch a flourishing international career. 

By now the Wanted!-selection for 2014 has been made. The jury picked Veence Hanoo, Iron Ites, Little Collin and Oyster Node. More info in the ‘Concerts’ section of this website. The Wanted!-DJs who got selected are Manray, Selectah Nesta, Root Pursuit, I-Son, Captain Steel, DJ Dunya, The Rudies, What It Is and DJ Zwalla.

Visual artists living in Belgium were given the opportunity to take part in Cool Art Café, our thematic exposition. This year’s theme will be ‘La Grande Bouffe’, and will explore the correlation between man and his food. The chosen artists are Régis Poncin, Werner Pans, Sara Verhoeven, Dominique Lairin and Jean-Paul Kensier. Soon, you will find more information on this year’s exhibition on the Cool Art Café-button on this page.

Submit for Wanted! 2015 as of November 2014!

Wanted! is supported by SABAM For Culture.